What I Can Do For You

My Services

What I can do for you firmly depends on what you need doing! Being freelance, I have had to be extremely flexible - pushing my skills and boundaries into whatever has been asked for.

I firmly believe a bespoke website will out perform an off the shelf solution such as wordpress or magento.
This includes the final product performance / load time, its security and hackability ( and so its maintenance ) as well as future proofing its features and facilities. All that said - I will accomodate for any request! 


e-commerce solutions

Start Your Own Shop Today


Agency Support

Rates for regular work when you need it


Bespoke Coding

Code builds websites - not plugins



Flexible and Reliable

Flexible CMS

Custom built CMS systems which gives the end user exactly what they need, where they need it. 


Using a system which not every hacker on the planet knows about has its benefits.

After Sales Service

After 12 years of freelancing my services I still have pride in that I still support my original builds and my first customers.

Specialising In

Having completed a variety of work for a wide range of customers I have a wide range of experience including

  • SEO
  • After Sales Support
  • Modern, flexible, multi purpose
  • Custom Integrations
  • Bespoke Builds
  • E-Commerce Techniques
  • Latest coding
  • MYSQL / MSSQL Databases
  • Mass Mailing