Everything you need to know about Paul Mann


Hello! I'm Paul and I've been developing websites since 2002. I'm self taught and self employed which means im adaptable and have a broad knowledge of various systems and techniques including their pro's and con's. My preferred choice of language is Microsofts own .NET - I have been impressed with its ability to utilise many server facilities without the need for external plugins. This has resulted in the final product being extremely powerful, yet slim and efficient.


My services not only appeal to the general public, whoever needs a website or websystem - but also to agencies around the country. From Kidderminster to Oxford, to London to Scotland. I have proven myself reliable, quick and efficient for all!


Not that it affects my work in any way, but I am located in Droitwich near Worcester in the Midlands. It is not unheard of for me to work offsite, some agencies require this for the larger corporate companies - however, I would much prefer to develop your system from my home office, where I have a powerful multi-monitored system fully equipped with tools and software needed. This is where I work best and where efficiency is highest



I have a history of sites that cater for the small 'business card' style website of a few pages, to full dynamic database driven national sites. Projects that range from public facing ecommerce sites, each selling 1000's of products and variations of products to web systems plotting received latitude and longitude data ( via a system service which I also wrote ) onto a google map interface. - and everything inbetween. 

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